Opportunity Knocks

Ask not for whom opportunity knocks;
It knocks for thee
And, you and me,
We’d be fools to ignore it,
Waiting because it’s,
“Just not the right time.”

That wearisome line
That speaks only of fear,
Pours doubt in your ear
And leaves you open …
Wide open …
To the inevitability of failure.

Opportunity starts in the mind
So don’t hide behind
Your doubt.

Push it out!

Shout louder and prouder,
Than the voice in your head,
That cuts your dreams dead
And says that you can’t,
Because you shan’t succeed,
When you’ve agreed
To fail before you’ve even begun.

So open the door
When life demands more
Of your talents
Than maintaining the balance
That keeps you surviving,
Not thriving.

Your equilibrium is a small price to pay
If, one fateful day,
You can open the door
When opportunity knocks.


This poem is for Leigh, who is positivity incarnate and inspires positive change in the world through yoga, fun and her can do, no nonsense attitude. 

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