The Toll of the Bell

This man is an island,
A weary pilgrim,
Detached from the continent of home,
A journeying soul.
Hoping his worries are quelled by the road,
He seeks his own peace.
As well that the bell tolls that evening,
As well that it tolls through his reflection,
Waking him from prayer.
The toll of the bell reminds him,
Connects him to mankind.
It tolls not for him yet,
But rebuilds the bridge
To the mainland.

This was based on John Donne’s famous poem, For Whom the Bell Tolls. It’s inspired by one of my Dad’s Camino experiences when, feeling irritated at the clamour of bells at the village church, he suddenly recognised the toll for what it was: not an irritation but the death knell of one of the local people.

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