My cat is a hermaphrocat …
I think he identifies as male,
Yet I utterly fail
To see why that’s relevant,
When he’s hellbent
On turning my flat upside down.

I observe that it
If he’s a girl or a boy,
As he sets out to destroy
My home.

Some are keen to assure me
That, though he
Has parts both female and male
Tucked under his tail,
He’ll be totally ok
And that, day to day,
I won’t be troubled by his …


They say, “it’s just one of those things,”
But to me, his ‘differentness’ sings.
Not broken,
Or a non-binary token.
But himself.
Singing differentness out the window,
When he chirrups at a pigeon,
Or chomps on a smidgeon of chicken
That falls from my plate
As he lies in wait,
Unconscious of his gender identity,
Just that he’s meant to be,
Happy, fed, safe, warm,
And loved.

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