Reclining Buddha: a Golden Shovel Poem

My cat’s eyes are apple green,
Glowing in the sunlight as this reclining buddha
Displays his fluffy belly on
My tiny urban balcony. He chaffs at the
Tree-caged birds. Their meaty fruit
And hidden giblets taunt him; they stand
apart – safe. He and I, we
Watch them together as I eat
My own tea. He stares – the
Unfairness of it all. I smile
Back, apologetic, and
Reach for the treats. He will spit,
Spit, SPIT them out
When he finds they’re the
Diet ones. He’ll be off in a flash of fur and teeth.


Inspired by Charles Simic’s Watermelons

Green Buddha
On the fruit stand.
We eat the smile
And spit out the teeth.

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