Politics Isn’t My Thing

Your lungs are political spheres,
that rise and fall with tides of
legislation, as we try to be
a greener nation and fail
to nurture this dying mother of millions,
unable to demobilise, de-plasticise,
and give her just five minutes peace.

Everything is politics.

Your local school is a political microcosm,
bursting at the seams with tiny
politicians, on a mission to fulfil the
outstanding ambitions of their
exhausted teachers. They understand
the daily dramas of social injustice,
as they mediate and negotiate in
the concrete crèche of the playground.

Everything is politics.

Your food is grown in green-benched
gardens, ploughed in furrowed brows
of activist Earth-lovers, and shunned
for sugar by big businesses
who mortgage the health of your kids
to buy sweet new seasons of profit.
You eat the scraps from their table,
from Waitrose, if you’re able but
more often than not from the
yellow-sticker bin, within which
you find their discounted leavings.

Everything is politics.

Your neighbour, that nice nurse
neighbour, who fed your fish when
you holidayed in Spain has had,
once again, to placate the A&E
drunks before treating them for
self-inflicted cuts and grazes –
nothing amazes her now. Except
for the comments. Those coarse,
curt comments, that still suck the
air from her lungs as her paralytic
patched-up patients tell her to
go home. So she will. For good.

Everything is politics.

You were born into politics
and you’ll leave it feet first –
your family gasping
at the cost of the coffin and
asking why it costs the Earth
to bury you in it.

Be a voice whilst you have one,
because politics
can’t not be ‘your thing’.
If your ‘thing’ is life
then it’s politics.



25 thoughts on “Politics Isn’t My Thing

  1. Al Lane says:

    Powerful stuff…

    I think when most people say “I don’t like politics”, they really mean “I don’t like politicians”… Conveniently forgetting that they voted for them in the first place!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. janebasilblog says:

    I found your poem via Ivor’s blog. You say something I’ve been saying since I was fifteen, but you say it far more beautifully. I live in Devon, where many of those who take the trouble to vote don’t have the first idea what the various parties are about. We get the unemployed voting Tory “to keep Labour out” and the old dears voting liberal because that’s what they’ve always done since Jeremy Thorpe was our MP. The Greens don’t get a look-in since so many people who lean that way vote tactically, and on top of all that there are those who could really do with being force-fed your amazing poem. I suppose it’s the same all over the country.

    I’m afraid I start ranting like this every time I read the word “politics”. I have a strong feeling that you and I are on the same side.

    Liked by 2 people

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